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“She didn’t admit it but her eyes gave it all away! The surprising thing was her best friend just told me that she (the one I liked) confessed that she’s starting to develop “weird feelings” for me! I couldn’t have played it so well without the stuff you shared on the 14 day action plan. You’ve really turned it around for me Simon, thanks!”

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“I gave her our first kiss 5 days ago, she was obviously ecstatic about it, the fire in her eyes whenever she sees me now, it's an AMAZING feeling! And guess what?? Just about an hour ago, she came over and asked ME to be her boyfriend!!! Can you believe that?? SHE ASKED ME!! Woooo!”

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“I’m putting your materials into good use on a friend I have a crush on and it’s crazy. No, she’s not my girlfriend yet but she IS starting to flirt with me BIG TIME! She’s constantly suggesting we hang out – alone; she’s acting extra girly when I’m around!"

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Friend to Girlfriend Review

Product Overview: is the official web site for David Wygant’s program, “Friend to Girlfriend Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Turning a Friend Into a Lover”. If it sounds like a dangerous thing to do, that’s because it is. And, that’s why so many men fail at it. In fact, according to the author, 99.97% of the male population is practically begging women to reject them before they even open their mouths. The good news is that acquiring a deep understanding of the mystical female code language is a skill that any man can learn if he wants to. This program provides a blueprint for how to successfully turn a female friend into a girlfriend; how to move out of the Friend Zone to become charming and attractive.

Follow the onscreen link to order the downloadable program. You will be provided with a secure, online order form and instant access to the program. Recent purchasers have been receiving up to five bonus modules with their purchases. And, for a limited time, purchasers may upgrade to the Gold Edition containing six underground digital e-books and four audio files of personal coaching.

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Product Specifications: The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave is a downloadable eBook guide that helps men become extremely desirable to the opposite sex.

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