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“I love the engaging manner in which the authors write and interact with the reader!”

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“Meet Your Sweet is not very well known but when I found that this site I was amazed… it is a one-stop-all-your-relationship-needs-met wonder site! It has courses for both men and women … formulated by experts in relationships, Dr. Amy Waterman, Slade Shaw and Mirabelle Summers in which you learn.”

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"What I like about [it] is that it does not teach tricks or techniques, rather they teach a whole new way of thinking so that you can embrace them and concentrate on things about your own life to improve upon so you can get the most beneficial outcome and success!”

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Meet Your Sweet Review

Product Overview: is the online source for the free 6-part mini-course, “Meet Your Sweet”. The course provides information and resources for understanding the meaning behind dating and attraction for the opposite sex; how the other sex thinks and how to use that to your advantage; the most important way to attract someone; the principles of successful dating; the facts about flirting and fascinating the opposite sex; and the way to build healthy relationships. Men register for the course led by Slade Shaw, while the women’s course is led by Mirabelle Summers.

The free “Meet Your Sweet” mini-course is distributed by e-mail and the first installment is sent immediately upon registration, with the remaining installments following daily. is also the resource for a range of products for men and women wanting to attract the right partner and build their relationship confidence and skills. Relationships rarely just happen, and even when they do, it takes some effort to make them work. The knowledge of how to make the most of relationships is a skill that is learned, and has the tools to help anyone learn about relationships.

Company Info: Meet Your Sweet is a product of Relationship Headquarters, Inc. | Copyright 2009.

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Product Specifications: Meet Your Sweet is a downloadable eBook that gives people a step by step blueprint for finding and attracting the opposite sex.

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