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“Fantastic! You've nailed it Mike... your book shines with the bright light of profound TRUTH about women!"

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“I recently finished reading your book and all I can say is...... WOW!"

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“I'm not shy, so I had some doubts about whether this book would be helpful to me -- because the title seemed to imply that it was geared towards shy people. Actually, this book helped me develop charisma and the personality type that attracts women, as well as other friends! "Attitude" entails more than self confidence, and Mike really shows you how to be the kind of person who people enjoy having around. It's cool!”

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Without Embarrassment Review

Product Overview: is the web site for Mike Pilinski’s acclaimed e-book, Without Embarrassment – The Social Coward’s Totally Fearless Seduction System and his Official PUA/Seduction Workshop. The e-book is a 252-page PDF (Portable Document Format) file which can be downloaded to a computer. In it, the author reveals that shame is the root cause of many emotional disorders – especially addictive behaviors – and that it can even become toxic to one’s self image. He also illustrates the difference between men’s all-of-nothing way of thinking with women’s natural shopping ability, comparing one item to another until you find the best compared to all of the others. This book is all about getting into the right way of thinking and becoming the best you can be.

Without Embarrassment can only be purchased through the web site. Follow the onscreen Order Now instructions. Ordering is accomplished online through a Secure Payment system and comes with a year’s free e-mail consultations with the author.

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Product Specifications: Without Embarrassment is a downloadable eBook designed to teach guys a systematic approach to seducing women that alleviates any possibility of crashing and burning with the girl.

Price: $36.95

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